YouTube Optimisation

& Digital Rights Management

As experts in the YouTube ecosystem with years of hands-on experience, Precise has helped to deliver unprecedented growth for hundreds of artists and labels.  

We’re proactive in seeking out growth opportunities across our highly curated catalogue and ensuring our artists’ rights are protected, with a greater level of accuracy and involvement than any other company in this space.

YouTube is a complex and nuanced platform that requires close and ongoing maintenance and management to maximise its potential.

In the vast majority of cases, we’re able to drive double digit percentage growth in revenue for our clients within a month.

Where ever your music is uploaded, we ensure it is monetised on your behalf.

Across our hundreds of YouTube partners, we monetise over hundreds of millions of views per month.

Simply put – we’re the best in the world at what we do. No other company is as passionate, detailed and knowledgeable as Precise.

Channel Management & Monetisation

After partnering your channel with our music network on YouTube (SRAV), your channel gains the ability to monetise content as music-video assets. This results in significantly higher monetisation rates and allows the backend of YouTube to properly recognise your content as an official music upload. YouTube pays out higher rates across YouTube Premium when content is monetised as a music video, which is a feature that can only be enabled by joining a music network. Most commonly, this alone results in a double digit percentage growth in revenue

Precise’s in-house content creation team helps to create lyric videos, visualisers and other assets for both new and catalogue releases

Precise’s team can manage/operate your channel, actively posting new material and re-invigorating catalogue releases, typically resulting in an organic increase across all DSPs and a noticeable increase in YouTube revenue

Our YouTube Certified team ensure all of your previous catalogue is correctly optimised and positioned for growth.

Digital Rights & Content ID Management

Get paid whenever your music is used on YouTube, Facebook & TikTok. Precise delivers your music to YouTube’s Content ID system, Facebook Rights Manager and TikTok’s MediaMatch, ensuring that when anyone uses your music that it’s claimed on your behalf.

Manual claiming services to locate re-uploaded content that has slipped past YouTube’s automatic systems. Our team will proactively go through your catalogue to find content that hasn’t been claimed automatically. This ensures that any remixes, mashups and slowed down/sped up versions are correctly claimed.

Full flexibility and control of how your catalogue is used. Precise’s team can promptly remove any Content ID claims and whitelist any channels/pages at your direction.

How does my content make money?

Every platform has a different methodology for paying out and calculating revenue

YouTube monetises content through running advertising alongside your content. Revenue is paid out based on the amount of ad revenue generated alongside your content.

Rates for YouTube monetisation can often fluctuate, depending on a number of factors such as;

  • What country your music is being viewed in. For instance, if a view is coming from the United States or Australia, this will yield a higher rate than if your content was viewed in a lower paying territory like India.
  • Ad suitability and advertiser friendliness of your content. YouTube prioritises ad serving across brand-safe and clean content
  • If someone watching your content has subscribed to YouTube Premium, revenue is calculated based on the amount of

    amount of minutes watched

  • The time of year your content is watched in. During December and Q4 for instance, advertisers typically pay a lot more for advertising as there is more competition.


  • Facebook – royalties paid out based on production events and weighted per territory. A production event is when your music is used in Facebook or Instagram’s audio library. Regardless of how many views the video has, the same royalty is paid out. 
  • TikTok – royalties paid out based on production events. Similarly, a production event is when someone creates a TikTok video using your song.

What do you charge for your services?

We operate on a percentage based model for all of our clients. Outside of the agreed percentage, we do not charge any additional fees for services we offer.

Ultimately, we’re incentivised to continue growing your channel and revenue.

If you have any questions or would like additional information, please reach out to us!