Music Distribution

Precise provides world-class distribution, digital rights management and monetisation services across all key platforms.

What is music distribution?

Music distribution is the process of getting your music to the many different digital stores (commonly referred to as DSPs) around the globe. This includes Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Pandora, TikTok, Facebook/Instagram and many more.

Precise directly licenses and distributes to almost all key platforms. Our direct relationships with key stores help better support our artists and provide further opportunities. Beyond that – we take a very hands-on approach with our partners – actively working to optimise their catalogues, syncing lyrics, creating visual material and much more.

If you are approved or onboarded as a distribution client, you will have access to our dashboard where you can submit releases, track your streams across multiple platforms, manage your catalogue and more. Your account manager will be able to walk you through our dashboard functionality, best practices of using and making the most out of all of the features.

Please note that we are not a public distribution/DIY platform. Precise only works with certain artists/partners that our team can properly support, acting as an engaged and hands on partner to grow their digital audience.

What platforms does Precise currently distribute to?

What assets do I need to give to Precise to distribute my music?

File Requirements

  • High resolution artwork (preferably 3000×3000 pixels in size)
    Please ensure your artwork accurately reflects the artist name and song title if relevant. For instance, your artwork should not contain a different name than the artist name you’re releasing music under. If you have multiple primary artists on a track, these should not be referenced as ft. or feat. in the cover art. Instead, this should be styled as “with or X/&”. E.g Future & Drake Master/high quality audio files (ideally .wav files or flac files, we do not accept MP3 files)
  • Song title, artist name, and composer/writer names and any other credits related to the song
  • Your desired release date

If your release has been previously released by another distributor, it is crucially important that you include the original ISRC and UPC codes assigned by the previous distributor.

If you’re releasing a track for the first time, Precise can assign an ISRC and UPC on your behalf which you’ll be able to track in our dashboard.

Your account manager will be able to clarify on other style guideline requirements and an exhaustive list.

In order for your release to go live on all platforms on your desired release date, please ensure you submit any releases to us at minimum 2 weeks in advance (the more notice the better!)

Most streaming platforms have different timelines as to when music delivered to them will go live.

Once submitted, our team will review your submission to ensure it complies with the various style guidelines set out by different streaming platforms. If there are any issues – our team will be in touch on what changes are needed or why your release was rejected.

For certain platforms such as TikTok, Facebook and YouTube Content ID – our team will review your submission to make sure you have exclusive rights to the entire track/instrumental. For example, if you have a leased or non-exclusively licensed beat – these platforms will not accept your release.

How much will my music make, and how does my music make money when my song is distributed?

Most platforms have a different way of calculating royalties and rates can vary based on a number of factors.

This includes (and is different from store to store) but not limited to;

  • Whether the fan streaming your song is a paid/subscribed user to the platform, or a free/ad supported subscriber
  • What country your music is being streamed from (for example, Australia, New Zealand and the United States typically have higher ad/streaming rates than others)
  • Whether an ad is served before your song
  • How many times a user streamed your song

For more information – you may find the following pages useful;

How long will it take for my music to go live once I have submitted a release?

Typically, your music should go live on most platforms within 3 days after you have submitted it. Sometimes sooner. For reference, YouTube Music, Apple Music, TikTok and Facebook typically process deliveries the fastest. We endeavor to deliver releases submitted to us within 12 hours of them being submitted.

For optimal results on new releases, we recommend uploading your songs to our portal at least two and a half weeks before your desired release date – which gives streaming platforms editorial teams enough time to review your song and potentially place it on their curated playlists which we assist with.