What is music distribution?

Music distribution is the process of getting your music to the hundreds of different digital stores (commonly referred to as DSPs) around the globe, including Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, YouTube Music, Amazon -and many more. In the growing digital age, Precise's business is currently focused on digital distribution, rather than physical distribution.

We are able to offer this service to most of our approved clients, along with playlist pitching and other marketing assistance. Precise's approach to distribution is more tailored, allowing us to better serve clients.

How much can I make, and how does my music make money when my song is distributed?

Most platforms have a different way of calculating royalties, and the difference in royalties can differ substantially from platform to platform. For example, for Spotify revenue - if someone listening to your music is a paid subscriber, the payout rate per stream is much higher than an ad supported non paid subscription user. Spotify does not pay out royalties at a per-stream rate - but rather what your effective market share is in a given territory. Many territories pay out considerably higher (or lower) royalty rates than others.

For more information, you may find this page useful - which dissects how revenue is broken down between rights holders on different platforms. DISSECTING THE DIGITAL DOLLAR

What information do I need to give Precise to distribute my music?

In order to distribute your music, we need:

  • Album or single art (at least 2000x2000 pixels in size)
  • Your master audio files (preferably .wav files)
  • Song title, artist name, and composer/writer names and any other credits related to the song
  • Your desired release date

Our distribution form which is available upon request provides a sheet where you can fill in all of the relevant information required by the various DSPs around the world in order to get your music live on all platforms.

How long will it take for my music to go live once I have filled in the distribution form?

You can expect your music to go live on all platforms within a week of filling out our distribution form, if you want it released as soon as possible. If your release is approved, Spotify/Apple Music typically takes 3 business days in order for the release to go live.

For optimal results on new releases, we recommend uploading your songs to our portal at least two and a half weeks before your desired release date - which gives Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube Music's editorial teams enough time to review your song and potentially place it on their curated playlists.